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Dentist in Pacific Beach

Enjoy refreshing sunshine, sand and surfing during your visit to our Pacific Beach clinic. If you are seeking a skillful, compassionate cosmetic dentist in Pacific Beach with an eye for beauty, look no further. Dr. Fakhimi, San Diego’s trusted dental expert, is pleased to open a new Pacific Beach dental clinic in the city’s most popular and enjoyable destination.

Pacific Beach is home to a thriving college-aged youth population, as well as a growing community of more mature professionals and entrepreneurs who endow the area with the excitement of new businesses, restaurants and shopping centers.

Surfing is one of PB’s most sought after activities, so why not catch some waves before you see your dentist? You can also take a stroll down the Crystal Pier, or catch a breathtaking sunset at dusk. You might even choose to ambulate to your Pacific Beach dentist appointment in rollerblades, by bicycle, or by skateboard, all common forms of transportation in the neighborhood.

Our beautiful Pacific Beach location boasts world class technology and equipment, advanced diagnostic and imaging software, and a friendly, caring support staff that is dedicated to your long term dental health and well being. From our stylish, climate-adjusted reception rooms to our convenient amenities, a visit to Soft Touch Dental in Pacific Beach feels more like a pleasant excursion than a dreaded chore.

Call the dentist patients are talking about today to get started with your free consultation with Dr. Fakhimi, San Diego’s premier cosmetic and general dentist.

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