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San Diego’s trusted source for quality dentistry and a beautiful smile

Soft Touch Dental offers top of the line cosmetic and general dentistry in a convenient locale on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, easily accessible from all over the city of San Diego.

Our offices are both convenient and comfortable, creating a dental experience that defies your expectations of misery and suffering. Rather, our patients feel immediately relieved of anxiety and apprehension as they enter our inviting, climate-controlled reception area and are greeted by our friendly staff members.

We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging software, advanced, innovative technology and equipment, and a facility that adheres to the highest industry standard for cleanliness and safety. Our wide range of services includes dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays and onlays, fluoride treatment, teeth whitening, digital x-rays, veneers, and more.

New locations

Dr. Fakhimi is pleased to offer his clients access to three new locations in La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Del Mar. As a family-oriented practitioner, Dr. Fakhimi can appreciate the busy schedule of his active patients, and knows that less driving time means faster service and more hours spent enjoying the beach or spending quality time with loved ones.

Pacific Beach

Nestled next to La Jolla and Mission Beach and framed by exquisite aquamarine waters and a range of stoic mountains, Pacific Beach is celebrated for its exuberant, youthful energy, surf culture and colorful shopping. Dining in PB is among the best in all of California.

If you are sports-minded, you can drop by the True Beach Volleyball Tournament before you get your veneers, or participate in the Pacific Beach surfing Fest before you undergo teeth whitening! Besides being a mecca for fun, Pacific Beach is also a growing community of quality-minded business leaders who are dedicated to creating a hub for local entrepreneurship.

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Del Mar

Spanish for “the sea”, Del Mar is one of the prettiest and most charming beach cities on the West Coast. It boasts exciting horse races at the Del Mar racetrack each summer, and has a rich naval history going back over 100 years. Del Mar has long been a haven for Hollywood movie stars, and today offers exotic, spectacular views, dining and shopping that is sure to delight.

Del Mar is also home to one of the only dog beaches on the coast, where your pup can run, swim and play his little heart out off-leash in the sand. You can also visit the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, a stunning natural wonderland that is ideal for hiking, biking and wildlife watching.

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La Jolla

Situated against the backdrop of the luxurious and picturesque Pacific Coast, La Jolla offers a stunning paradise for all those who pass through its confines. La Jolla is about 12 miles from the center of San Diego and was named after the Spanish expression for “jewel”. If you are scheduled for a dental appointment at our La Jolla location, why not make a quick stop at the beach for some scuba diving, swimming or tanning? Who says visiting the dentist has to be unpleasant?

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As among Clairmont’s most popular dentists, Dr. Fakhimi not only provides the skill and artistry necessary for beautiful results, but he is also among the friendliest and most approachable practitioners in the area, setting new clients and those who experience anxiety instantly at ease.

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