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Are your teeth stained or have they turned yellow? This may occur as a result of drinking wine, coffee or tea, smoking cigarettes, the aging process, or the many different foods that we consume over a lifetime. Discolored teeth can greatly affect your appearance, adding years to your age, and causing undue social anxiety and poor self-image, especially in a city such as San Diego where presentation can be so integral to identity. Despite proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing, staining is still possible. Teeth whitening is the best way to regain your beautiful smile.

Soft Touch Dental offers ZOOM2!. It is the latest in teeth whitening technology. This revolutionary teeth whitening procedure is safe, fast and above all, much more effective than over the counter remedies. In less than an hour, you will see dramatically whiter teeth and fall in love with your smile.

Details of the teeth whitening procedure

First, the dentist will apply a bleaching solution to your teeth, taking special care to avoid interacting with the lips or the gums. A uniquely designed heating system then is activated, causing the bleaching compound to better penetrate the tooth’s enamel, removing deeply ingrained discoloration and staining.

The total time for one session is typically 15 minutes or less, and the procedure can be repeated for ideal results. The teeth whitening procedure is painless, and does not typically cause any anxiety for patients who might otherwise feel nervous going to the dentist.

Any cavities must be filled before having a whitening treatment. Our team at Soft Touch Dental will check for cavities before starting your teeth whitening so the gel doesn’t leak beneath the surface and cause damage.

The Zoom2! procedure is one of the most effective forms of teeth whitening. It uses two different components to achieve maximum results: a powerful whitening gel and a specially-designed light that activates the gel. The gel is made using a pH balanced hydrogen peroxide formula that is gentle on the teeth while penetrating deep into your teeth to provide long-lasting results.

The entire office visit usually lasts about 1 hour or less, making it easy to fit into your schedule, with beautiful results that are immediately visible.

Teeth whitening can support and enhance your other dental procedures

If you are considering undergoing anti-aging dentistry or other cosmetic dental enhancements, it is wise to get teeth whitening first. The crowns, veneers, or dental implants can then be matched to your new, improved tooth color for an impressive, youthful smile that turns heads!

Best Candidates for Zoom2 Teeth Whitening

Our preferred method of teeth whitening is revolutionary in that it uses a gentle formula that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or cause excess sensitivity like some at-home kits or other types of teeth whitening systems. The simple formula is effective and safe, and beneficial for our patients seeking a more brilliant smile.

Virtually any adult who is dissatisfied with the color of their teeth and want to brighten their smile can be a candidate for teeth whitening at our San Diego dental office. The fast procedure is easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Teeth Whitening at Home vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

You are probably aware of many of the various methods of at-home teeth whitening – and may have tried a few. Even though you may be tempted to try it yourself, you should always leave teeth whitening to the professionals.

Some do-it-yourself whitening kits are known to cause tooth sensitivity and can even damage tooth enamel, making it thin and brittle. Our safe and effective whitening procedure can whiten your teeth without the risk of damaging your teeth or gums.

Our team has years of experience and professional-grade products that produce beautiful, brilliant results. Careful application of an even layer of whitening gel will produce the most consistent and beautiful outcome.

The Zoom2! technology can only be performed by a dental professional, and this treatment is not available at a consumer level. Come to Soft Touch Dental and let our team of San Diego teeth whitening professionals give you a more attractive, brilliant smile.

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Teeth Whitening Results

The results achieved with teeth whitening often depend on the level of staining and discoloration. In most cases, you can expect to gain at least 2-3 shades whiter teeth when you undergo treatment at our clinic. In some cases, we can offer you close to 5 or 6 shades lighter teeth, but it depends on the type of problem. If you are looking for a whiter smile, then look no further. We have treated hundreds of patients and helped them regain their confident smiles. 

Advantages of teeth whitening:

  • Whiter and brighter teeth can increase confidence levels
  • It is the quickest way to achieve a more youthful look
  • The procedure is fast and convenient
  • It is long-lasting and can reduce teeth sensitivity
  • Up to six times more effective than over the counter treatments

Why choose Dr. Fakhimi?

For more than two decades, Dr. Fakhimi has been providing best-in-class dental care to patients all over Southern California. His professional and very caring demeanor leaves his patients feeling calm and confident about every step of their dental care journey. His practice and all of its components are state-of-the-art and are staffed by some of the best dental professionals in the country. For a rewarding, revitalizing and refreshing dental experience, please contact our office today.

If you have any questions regarding teeth whitening, contact us today for a free consultation. Dr. Fakhimi will perform your exam in the comfort and privacy of our beautiful San Diego office suites. Our facility is equipped with cutting edge software and equipment, state-of-the-art dental technology, and a caring, supportive staff that is eager to meet your needs.

Dr. Fakhimi is proud to present you with our extensive library of before and after photography so that you can better predict what type of outcomes are possible with teeth whitening. If you are interested in undergoing additional procedures to improve your teeth, simply ask Dr. Fakhimi to go over those treatments during your consultation.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

Will teeth whitening work for me?

Generally speaking, most patients who find themselves interested in teeth whitening are good candidates for the procedure. Teeth whitening works best for patients with yellow or brownish stains and discoloration, but is less effective on graying teeth.

How long does it take to whiten teeth?

In most cases, our in-office teeth whitening requires less than an hour to do, during which time you can simply relax.

Should I get my teeth cleaned before I get them whitened?

Teeth whitening procedures work best on patients whose teeth have little to no plaque and tartar build up, so it is sometimes best to first have the teeth cleaned professionally. We will be happy to advise on your specific case.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity in the teeth and gums, but its strength is easily adjusted to meet the patient’s level of sensitivity. If sensitivity is a concern for you, simply let us know in advance.

Do I have to do anything special before teeth whitening?

No special preparations are required for most patients. For patients who’ve not had a dental cleaning in some time, and patients for whom sensitivity is a concern, we may provide a special toothpaste in advance of your teeth whitening treatment.

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