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Are CEREC one-day crowns right for me?

CEREC – which stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (a mouthful!) – is a revolutionary replacement for traditional crowns, inlays and onlays, and veneers, which are used to correct dental damage. With these conventional treatments, the waiting time is significant, and the procedure drags on. With CEREC, patients can make a single visit to the dentist and walk away with a winning smile.

If you require a ceramic restoration of any type, CEREC can save you time and money. The CEREC crowns can last up to five years, and sometimes as long as ten years if they are well cared for. (Note that CEREC devices may not be right for those with a deep bite. Ask Dr. Fakhimi during your consultation in San Diego if you are a candidate for CEREC.)

Benefits of CEREC:

  • Elimination of temporary restorations
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Top-quality materials
  • An end to discomfort
  • Short, condensed treatment time
  • Cost-effective
  • Greater preservation of the natural tooth
  • Durability and longevity
  • Bio-compatibility

Components of CEREC - The CEREC system has three elements:

An acquisition device.

Thanks to a computerized camera, the dentist can use 3D images of the tooth to create the ideal ceramic restoration for each patient’s mouth. This photographic process ensures a high degree of precision and customization every time.

3D imaging software.

The software allows the dentist to manipulate images from every angle, examining the teeth in ways that are not possible with traditional 2D x-rays. The teeth can be inverted, rotated and maneuvered by the dentist, just as if they were holding the teeth in their hands.

A milling device.

This mechanism creates personalized restorations based on the information gleaned by the computerized 3D imaging system. The dentist will select a ceramic unit that best matches the patient’s tooth color, and the milling unit creates the chosen restoration in a matter of minutes, in the vein of 3D printing.

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Details of the procedure

First, the dentist prepares the tooth by eliminating all decay and infection, and resizes the base of the tooth. Advanced 3D imaging of the tooth is created with the special CEREC camera and delivered to the computer where it can be viewed by the dentist from every angle.

The dentist then designs the ideal restoration based on the client’s unique needs and anatomy. A block of ceramic is chosen that flawlessly matches the client’s tooth color, guaranteeing that the restoration will be undetectable once it is in place.

Once the design is complete, the milling device takes over, replicating the restoration (veneer, crown, inlay or onlay) to perfection. This process typically takes about 10 minutes. In ordinary restorations, the porcelain is layered by the laboratory, but with CEREC, the porcelain is compressed, endowing it with much greater durability and longevity.

The dentist then makes sure the restoration is well-fitted to the tooth, polishing it and affixing it with care. All this is accomplished in a single, stress-free visit to Soft Touch Dental in San Diego, with no need for multiple visits.

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