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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Fakhimi offers the following services as part of total reconstruction for your mouth. All services are performed in the comfort and privacy of our beautiful San Diego office suites.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Services


If you are missing teeth, implants can serve to replace them, perfectly mimicking the natural smile you used to know. The implants contain tiny posts that extend into the jawbone under the gums and hold up the artificial teeth. Implants are preferred to dentures for many clients because they do not shift around, fall out or become loose, making it far easier to enjoy eating, smiling and laughing. Dental implants can last as long as 15 years if well cared for.


When one or more teeth are missing, a dental bridge can be used to ensure stability and anchoring for the neighboring teeth surrounding the hole. Crowns are placed on the teeth to the left and right of the missing tooth (called “abutment teeth”), and a prosthetic tooth (also referred to as a “pontic”) is placed between them. The false tooth can be created from a variety of materials, including gold, porcelain, or alloys. Dental bridges work to preserve the cosmetic appearance of your face and teeth, enable proper chewing, biting and speaking, and prevent migration of healthy teeth.

Root canals

A root canal is performed to salvage a heavily infected tooth, remove bacteria and dead tissue from its core, and restore your smile. A root canal typically requires one or two visits to the dentist, and is far less painful and complicated than the procedure used to be just five or ten years ago. Root canal is often considered superior to extraction, since having a crown in place prevents the other teeth from migrating towards the open space, and makes it easier to keep the area clean.


A dental crown will protect a weakened tooth, hold a cracked tooth together, support a tooth with a large filling, keep a dental bridge from shifting, shield a discolored tooth from view, encase a dental implant, or in some way perform cosmetic enhancement. Crowns can be created from several different types of materials, including porcelain, gold, alloy, stainless steel, resin or ceramic. Crowns can be temporary (these are usually made at the dental clinic), or permanent (these are usually created at a dental laboratory).

Bone grafts

Bone grafting is performed in order to maximize the effectiveness and security of dental implants. Often when teeth have fallen out or are severely compromised, the jawbone has also deteriorated, especially in older patients. While it may sound like a complex, painful procedure, bone grafting the oral cavity is actually quite routine and stress-free. During the procedure, the dental surgeon will select a section of bone from another area of the body, or use a synthetic material to add to the existing jawbone.


Once a tooth has become compromised through decay, infection, periodontal disease, or trauma, it may be a candidate for extraction (complete removal). Often teeth designated for extraction are causing pain and discomfort for the patient. A local anesthetic is used so that the patient does not feel anything during the treatment. Extraction is sometimes preferred to root canal and crown work because of its lowered costs and eligibility for insurance coverage.

Bite correction

There are several different kinds of bite problems, ranging from overbites to underbites and open bites. Bite problems can cause headaches, tension, stress, sleep issues and pain for the client. Dr. Fakhimi provides both surgical and non-surgical methods of bite correction and can explain each in-depth to you during your free confidential consultation at our San Diego offices.


Veneers work to enhance the cosmetic appeal of your teeth, especially of those that are discolored or stained, cracked, worn down, chipped, misshapen, gapped or ridged. Most are made from porcelain, but there are also resin composite veneers. The veneer itself is an ultra-thin, translucent, wafer-like coating that matches the exact color of the tooth and is bonded to the tooth’s front surface.

Smile enhancement

When the smile is plagued by crooked, broken, uneven or discolored teeth, it may require a procedure known as smile enhancement. This treatment can involve the use of implants, veneers, whitening and more, and takes into consideration the client’s entire appearance, from hair and eye color to the shape of the cheeks. Improving your self-image and quality of life are the primary goals for Dr. Fakhimi.

Anti-aging dentistry

As we age, our teeth inevitably suffer signs of deterioration, just like every other part of our bodies. They may become stained, discolored, crooked, poorly angled, worn down, cracked, chipped or broken. Anti-aging dentistry is a makeover for your teeth! It may involve deep cleaning, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants and more. Dr. Fakhimi will ensure that you walk away feeling youthful, confident and gorgeous, with a smile to match.

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