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Dentist Clairemont

World-class dentistry in a safe, convenient setting

Located on Mesa Boulevard in charming Clairemont, San Diego, Dr. Fakhimi is an innovative and smile-restoring cosmetic dentist offering the full spectrum of specializations, from teeth whitening, braces and veneers, to implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and full mouth restoration. Dr. Fakhimi see clients all the way from childhood through old age, and provides anti-aging dentistry that can restore the youthfulness and radiance to the mature smile.

Being among the best dentists Clairmont has to offer, Dr. Fakhimi not only provides the skill and artistry necessary for beautiful results, but he is also among the friendliest and most approachable practitioners in the area, setting new clients and those who experience anxiety instantly at ease.

Clairemont originated in the 1950’s as a thriving suburb, but instead of the boring, uniform layout one might expect from the word suburb, the area is alive with stunning landscapes, quirky shops and blossoming small businesses.

Clairemont dentist Dr. Fakhimi is accessible from any point in San Diego, via the Interstate 5, 8, or 805, and via the public transit system. Before your appointment, you might visit one of Clairemont’s elegant parks, such as the Clemente Canyon or the Tecolote Canyon, both of which offer scenic views, tranquil streams and picturesque mountains. From the Tecolote Canyon you can access the Tecolote Canyon Golf Course.

Contact Soft Touch Dental at our Clairemont, San Diego location today to schedule your free consultation in the comfort and privacy of Dr. Fakhimi’s office suites.