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Sedation Dentistry San Diego

Sedation dentistry San Diego

Many people have anxiety about visiting the dentist, but with sedation dentistry, or "sleep dentistry" as it's often called, patients are able to leave their fears at the door. 

Let’s say you have a dental appointment on the calendar. As the date of your appointment approaches, what do you envision? Do you see yourself lying back in the dentist’s chair, your body tense with anxiety and your hands gripping the arms of the chair in fear? If so, you’re not alone.  In fact, an estimated 100 million Americans avoid visiting the dentist because of anxiety and fear. At Soft Touch Dental we cater to those sedation dentistry San Diego patients.

That’s an unfortunate number of people who are missing a vital component of their oral health maintenance. Good oral hygiene is not about brushing and flossing alone.  Yes, they’re an essential part of your daily routine, but regular visits to the dentist are equally important.

Now, picture this: You’re in the dentist’s chair, relaxed and at ease, maybe listening to pleasant music drifting in from somewhere near the ceiling. And then the dentist says, “Ok, we’re all done.”

It sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it?

We promise, it’s not.

At Soft Touch Dental, we pride ourselves on providing personalized dental care. That’s why we offer conscious sedation dentistry in San Diego – so you can remain comfortable while we take care of your smile.

In case you’re not familiar sedation dentistry, here’s how it works:

Conscious sedation dentistry:

About an hour before your procedure, you take an oral sedative. We use Halcion, and the dose we give you will depend on the level of sedation you want to achieve.

A smaller dose will provide minimal sedation. Your cognitive function will be minimally impaired. You will respond normally to verbal commands and remain awake but drowsy during the procedure. This level of sedation will help to eliminate anxiety and give you a more relaxing experience in the dental chair.

An increased dose will provide moderate sedation.  You will respond purposefully to verbal commands. You may fall asleep during your procedure, but you will be easily awakened.

In addition to eliminating anxiety and providing you a more comfortable experience, sedation dentistry also allows us to perform more dental procedures in a single visit rather than having you return to our office again and again.

We thought you’d like the sound of that.

At Soft Touch Dental, we know your smile is important to you. It’s important to us, too. Our patients routinely praise us for our expertise, our professionalism, and our gentle touch. That is what makes us among the top providers of sedation dentistry San Diego has to offer. Come in and let us restore your faith in dentistry.

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Am I a candidate for sedation dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is a possible solution for the following patients:

  • Those who do not tolerate pain well
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Bad gag reflex

First, your dentist will consult with you about your medical history. Under the expert care of Dr. Fakhimi, you will be administered an oral sedative before a procedure. You are carefully monitored throughout the procedure so that you remain comfortable throughout the entire process.

Don't let the fear of a dentist's office prevent you from taking care of your teeth. Call us today to learn more about our San Diego sedation dentistry and if it is right for you.

Where will my procedure take place?

Our dental crown procedures are all performed at our San Diego state-of-the-art dental facility, which boasts innovative, top-tier technology, software and equipment in a safe, accredited setting. Our waiting rooms and treatment areas are kept immaculate at all times, and are carefully climate controlled for your maximum comfort. In addition, we provide premium amenities and soothing music for your visit. If there is anything extra you require, simply ask us. We are happy to help in any way possible.

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